You are not here to be average, you are here to be UNIQUE


Crack the code of who you are
Discover what makes you unique

Human Design & Gene Keys: the roadmap to yourself

You're not crazy, you're not weird, you're UNIQUE

  • Do you have the feeling that you have been running in circles for a long time?
  • Are you unable to let go or change old patterns and habits?
  • Do you want to discover your (hidden) gifts and talents and use them in a way that is correct for you?

Then an Energetic  Blueprint Report is for you! A completely new way to really get to know yourself, so that you can finally live and work in your own unique way.

This is a report in which you REALLY get to know yourself. Why you are the way you are and why you do what you do.

It will show you what is holding you back from fully fulfilling your life's purpose and how you can transform it. A lot of puzzle pieces will fall into place when reading your report. This is a unique opportunity to give your life a new direction and meaning.

It is a unique "blueprint" of who you are, in which you will probably discover for the very first time who you really are and what your true purpose in life really is.

It brings you the opportunity to give your unique gifts and talents the space to emerge so that you can start living in a way that suits who you are. With that, you step out of the shadow of who you thought you were and into the light of who you really are. This way you can finally live life in your own UNIQUE way with much more ease.

Many people describe reading their report as a feeling of coming home to themselves. It confirms the feeling that you have always felt deep inside, but have never really been able to identify.

As you get to know and understand yourself better, you will notice that you also gain more understanding of other people.

Do not be surprised if the relationships with your partner, children, family, friends, and colleagues are suddenly a lot more pleasant and relaxed.

  • Do you want to get to know and understand yourself (and others) better?
  • Do you no longer want to depend on people, situations, and circumstances for how you feel?
  • Do you want to take leadership of your own life with compassion for yourself and for others?
  • Do you want to live from your own strength and get to know and fulfill your mission and life purpose?

Then this report is an absolute must-have to start your transformation process.

This is a document that you will come back to very often.

For this report, I need your date of birth, your place of birth, and the exact birth time possible.

These reports stand on their own, but can also be the start of a journey of discovering your UNIQUE self by working one on one with me.

These reports are based on the work of Human Design and Gene Keys.

Readings are also available in Dutch

Extented report


This report is full of eye-openers, aha moments, and recognition.

A report includes one hour of personal explanation via a Zoom video call so that you can ask questions immediately and your profile really comes to life.

In this report  we will also discuss a part of your Gene Keys profile.

You will also receive extensive reference work and your basic Human Design chart

Powerful Personal Transformation


Take your first steps in discovering who you really are.

Together we explore the characteristics of your unique personal blueprint. Where do you get stuck and which "strategy" fits seamlessly with your personality, so that you can make the change that you have been looking for for so long.

A special and unique way to discover your unique self.

90 min consultation